This article is about my undeniable love of the DCEU. This universe started officially in 2016 but it’s traced back to 2013. It’s one of the most controversial, hated/loved & profitable franchises ever. Created By WB/DC & Zack Snyder, here’s my run down on the first 4 films we have and why I love them so much.

Man Of Steel
Rating: 10/10 Amazing
Man Of Steel was released in 2013 and directed by Zack Snyder. Man Of Steel introduces us to the world’s greatest hero, Superman. This Superman is one who is on a journey of understanding WHY he’s Superman. This movie got a lot of backlash because of the way Supes is portrayed. Yet, in reality this Superman is realistic. He’s not the cinematic Superman like Christopher Reeves. He’s the Superman from before the 1950s’ comic code kicked in. This movie had everything to me: villain motivation, character development, visuals and beautiful CGI. Lois Lane played her part well as the film’s love interest too.

Batman v Superman (Theatrical Version)
Rating: 10/10 Masterpiece
Batman v Superman was released in 2016 and also directed by Zack Snyder. BvS is a follow up to MoS and is an epic clash of two icons. This movie is definitely more Batman-centric than the previous sci-fi movie of Man of Steel. This movie was anticipated for a long time. What we got – thankfully – was a clash of ideologies rather than a movie full of mindless fighting. From the hero’s motivations to the manipulation of Lex Luther, this movie’s plot is easy for me to follow. Superman is still looking for his place in the world. Even though he’s saving people through out the movie, he’s still doubting himself. Batman is holding a grudge towards Superman for the destruction of Metropolis. We’re introduced to Gal Godot’s Wonder Woman and we finally got to see The Trinity in live action. I also love that Batman comes around towards the end of the film and finally sees the good in Superman. Moreover, this film is Easter egg heaven.  It’s a classic already!

Suicide Squad
Rating: 8/10 good film
Suicide Squad was released in 2016 and was directed by David Ayer. Right off the bat, I knew SS was a movie made for a teen audience when compared to the previous two films. And I saw no problems with that! The best thing about SS was the rogues gallery. The characters were perfect! The movie had a lot of hype from Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn. She definitely played her part to the fullest. My other favorite character of the film was Deadshot.  I loved his subplot with his daughter! In terms of favorite scenes, the bar scene in that movie holds a special place in my heart. Amanda Waller was badass! Jared Leto’s Joker didn’t have enough scenes but his performance was great. Sure, the plot isn’t the best in the world but teens wouldn’t necessarily flock to a deep driven plot to begin with. At the end of the day, SS was good enough for me.

Wonder Woman
Rating: 10/10 Special Film
Wonder Woman was released in 2017 and was directed by Patty Jenkins. Wonder Woman is my second favorite Superhero after Superman. After 75 years, she finally has her own movie! This was literally, my most anticipated movie EVER. The movie follows the story of Diana Prince, the daughter of Queen Hippolyta. The performance of co-star Chris Pine is Oscar worthy. The side characters like Etta Candy & Steve Trevor’s recruits are funny and likable. I loved General Ludendorf and Dr Poison as they felt like classic villains from the 1940s’ comics. The main villain, Ares, did his part in manipulating the continuation of the war that Diana and Steve wants to stop. The plot of the film fits into Wonder Woman’s origin so well. Wonder Woman is a joy to watch!

Final Thoughts:
This Franchise gets a tremendous amount of unnecessary hate. The media bias we see is quite prevalent. But the DCEU will thrive through all of the hate. With only 4 films released, it has already amassed over $3 billion and counting. I really thank Zack Snyder for creating this beautiful universe full of DC Characters. I’m so HYPED for his Justice League that at times, I’m at a loss for words. It’s my sincere hope that Justice League will become the Godfather of comic book films.


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