This article is about why I believe Green Lantern will appear in the upcoming  Justice League film. A Green Lantern Corps movie is scheduled for a 2020 release date. However, there has been a lot of speculation over this release with endless teases and many a rumor.  Here’s a quick run down on all of them.

These allegedly come from those involved in the film or sources with ‘inside connections’ … So take these as you wish and with many a grain of salt.

#1. Henry Cavil – our own Superman – has teased Green Lantern multiple times. Maybe he’s just a big fan … but it’s still telling.

#2. On August 25, 2016, The Wrap’s Umberto Gonzalez stated that: “A Green Lantern will be the seventh member of the team when Justice League is released next year.” via a Periscope chat.

#3. On February 23, 2017, The Wrap’s Umberto Gonzalez did a live Q&A about the DCEU. When asked by a fan as to whether or not any of the Green Lanterns was still set to appear in Justice League, Gonzalez said, “As of right now, the plan is for a Green Lantern member to appear.”  However, as to which Green Lantern would appear, Gonzalez only said, “he has a funny sounding name.”

#4. Green Lantern also appears in the new Intro for DC movies. He’s in the line up with the other JL members.

#5. On July 22, 2017 Jason Mamoa teased us when he arrived at Comic Con with a photo that featured Green Lantern. He has since deleted it.

#6. Just recently, a photo leaked of GITD Funko pops featuring Green Lantern with the other Justice League members.

#7.  This universe’s line up is based off of the New 52 series, where DC Films president, Geoff Johns contributed heavily to the series.

Of all of the Justice League members featured in the New 52’s lineup, every member is in the film except for Hal Jordan. If a “Green Lantern Corps” movie is coming in 2020, then obviously Lanterns are established already.  Especially since Steppenwolf makes mention of the Lanterns’ absence on Earth in the most recent Justice League Comic Con trailer.

It wouldn’t make sense for Hal to get his ring in JL, only to then go straight to him playing “Buddy Cop” with John Stewart.  It’s been speculated for years that the Green Lantern Corp film would effectively be a buddy-cop comedy.

Perhaps as with Batman, the Green Lantern set to appear in the Justice League film has already been a hero in action but not yet known.

It is my belief that DC Films is hiding him lest they fail to learn from the mistakes of revealing Doomsday in Batman v Superman’s 2nd Theatrical Trailer.

Of course, I may be wrong and this may all be fan speculation and hope.  But I doubt that I’m wrong.



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